What we are seeking to become

The Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition is an active, passionate and caring community of organizations and individuals who, through open communication, regional collaboration and support, and a commitment to a standard of practice, influence positive change for animals.

Coalition Outreach

  • Develop a clear, unified, influential voice with the public, legislators and others who affect the health and welfare of animals in the region.
  • Secure a sustainable commitment from the veterinary community to support low-cost care.
  • Mentor and provide support to non-member agencies, helping them reach a minimum standard of practice established by the Coalition.

Coalition Programs and Services

  • Become a centralized source of information on Coalition member services and activities, and the state of animal health and welfare in the region.
  • Set minimum standards of practice for animal welfare agencies and provide support and resources to attain them.
  • Use the collective strength and influence of the Coalition to attract and solicit funds for joint projects/goals.
  • Provide a dynamic forum for agency staff, volunteers and Boards for networking, support, and sharing of information, ideas and resources.

Coalition Operation

  • Move from a relationship characterized by ‘cooperation’ to one characterized by ‘collaboration’, where the goal is generating mutual value for all Coalition members.
  • Adopt a ‘regional’ perspective to identify problems, and deliver solutions locally in coordination with other Coalition members.
  • Build an efficient, sustainable Coalition funding stream, and structure for governance and administration.