Chair: facilitate meetings
Executive Committee: Acts in the name of the full coalition when it is not in session or when dealing with emergencies that require immediate attention
Comprised of four elected members whose terms of service are 1 year each beginning in May of each year. Members may not serve the committee for more than 3 consecutive years.
The committee will be comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and two additional members. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the general membership.
Set the meeting agenda
Appoints task force chairs
Makes recommendations for task force topics and initiatives
Defines  position statements with input and discussion from members
Facilitates meetings
Helps to resolve member conflicts
Project Teams:  
Complete specific tasks, bringing together needed member expertise and interests
Core groups of members and others from agency (employees and/or volunteers)
Fiscal agent: Larimer Humane Society
Administrative Support: Larimer Humane Society