1. Communicate with each other in a manner that reflects principals of honesty, fairness and respect.
  2. Speak positively about the Coalition and Coalition members; do not publically criticize.
  3. Support and celebrate the activities and successes of Coalition members.
  4. Share knowledge, experience and ideas freely to support each other in addressing problems and in improving operations.
  5. Approach individual members directly with any concerns.
  6. Contact Coalition members, and agencies in Colorado first for help, transfers, and offers.
  7. Attend meetings regularly and come to meetings prepared having read and reviewed any supporting documents or information ahead of time.
  8. Actively participate in meetings and Coalition projects through task force work. Member agencies may delegate task force participation to alternate staff or volunteers as needed to maintain agency representation on the assigned task force.
  9. Seek to find common ground, put aside differences and work toward common goals and points of agreement.
  10. Discuss language and terminology, identify ‘problem’ language (viewed as hurtful or divisive) and reach consensus to modify or phase out such language.
  11. Respect confidentiality in communications when agreed upon.
  12. In speaking for or about the Coalition, stay within approved Coalition positions and key messages.
  13. Do not use Coalition e-mail distribution list for any purpose other than Coalition-related activities.
  14. Agree to regularly evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the Coalition and the health of Coalition relationships.