6 member requirements

All members must

  1. Be licensed by PACFA where required.
  2. Be a 501c3 or 501c4 (or in the process of obtaining this tax exempt status) or a government agency involved in animal health and welfare, including shelters, rescues, foster care, animal control agencies, non-profit clinics, etc.
  3. Be located in Larimer, Weld or Boulder Counties, the Eastern Plains or in Southeastern Wyoming.
  4. Adhere to State regulations for non-profit organizations.
  5. Practice spay/neuter before adoption in 100% of cases including dogs, cats and rabbits. Castration should occur in 100% of equines placed for adoption by member organization. Other species may be altered or not at the member agency’s discretion so long as all agencies keep in mind the goal of reducing or eliminating the problem of overpopulation.
  6. Support or actively participate in animal transfer (rescue to rescue, shelter to rescue, rescue to shelter), working together to save more animals.
  7. Be a member of CFAWA (encouraged).
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  9. The agency executive director or a representative who has authority to make decisions and commit resources on behalf of the agency must attend not less than 75% of quarterly meetings nor miss more than 1 meeting per calendar year. It is the belief of the members that missing meetings degrades the integrity of the coalition.
  10. Support and align with the Coalition mission.
  11. Agree to report timely and accurate agency data so that Coalition efforts can be measured.
  12. Contribute funds, staff, and resources equitably rather than equally.
  13. Complete a membership application and sign a Memorandum of Understanding upon acceptance of the membership application.