About us

Identity and Mission Statments

The Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition is a network of non-profit and public animal welfare agencies in the Northern Colorado region that ascribe to a minimum standard of practice and utilize their collective resources and influence to address domestic animal health and welfare issues.

The mission of the Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition is to promote a shared vision for animal health and welfare in the community and to identify and address the barriers that prevent that vision from being realized.

Impact Statement

The difference we will make

Through the continuing efforts of the Coalition:

  • Pet overpopulation and turnover will be reduced.
  • Unnecessary euthanasia will be reduced and eventually eliminated.
  • Animal health and welfare in the community will improve.
  • Visibility, support and funding for animal welfare in the community will increase.
  • The professional standard of animal welfare agencies in the region will be raised.

Coalition Vision and Long-term Goals

What we are seeking to become

The Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition is an active, passionate and caring community of organizations and individuals who, through open communication, regional collaboration and support, and a commitment to a standard of practice, influence positive change for animals.

Coalition Outreach

  • Develop a clear, unified, influential voice with the public, legislators and others who affect the health and welfare of animals in the region.
  • Secure a sustainable commitment from the veterinary community to support low-cost care.
  • Mentor and provide support to non-member agencies, helping them reach a minimum standard of practice established by the Coalition.

Coalition Programs and Services

  • Become a centralized source of information on Coalition member services and activities, and the state of animal health and welfare in the region.
  • Set minimum standards of practice for animal welfare agencies and provide support and resources to attain them.
  • Use the collective strength and influence of the Coalition to attract and solicit funds for joint projects/goals.
  • Provide a dynamic forum for agency staff, volunteers and Boards for networking, support, and sharing of information, ideas and resources.

Coalition Operation

  • Move from a relationship characterized by ‘cooperation’ to one characterized by ‘collaboration’, where the goal is generating mutual value for all Coalition members.
  • Adopt a ‘regional’ perspective to identify problems, and deliver solutions locally in coordination with other Coalition members.
  • Build an efficient, sustainable Coalition funding stream, and structure for governance and administration.

Coalition Values

What we stand for

  1. We believe that all stakeholders in the animal welfare community have a passion for and are dedicated to saving animals’ lives.
  2. We believe that the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals is a community-wide problem requiring community-based solutions.  We also recognize that animal welfare organizations can be leaders and should work diligently to bring about a change in social and other factors that result in the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals, including the compounding problems of some pet owners’ failure to spay and neuter; properly socialize and train; be tolerant of; provide veterinary care to; or take responsibility for companion animals.
  3. We believe in the value and impact of collaboration to address issues that no one organization can effectively address alone.
  4. We believe in the importance of transparency and the open sharing of accurate, complete animal-sheltering data and statistics in a manner which is clear to both the animal welfare community and the public.
  5. We believe it is essential to utilize a uniform method for collecting and reporting shelter data, in order to promote transparency and better assess the euthanasia rate of healthy and treatable animals.
  6. We support transparency in Coalition governance, finances, policies and activities.
  7. We believe in and support the ‘five freedoms’ for animals:
    Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
    Freedom from Discomfort
    Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
    Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
    Freedom from Fear and Distress
  8. We advocate and work to support responsible pet ownership.

Coalition Structure and Administration

Chair: facilitate meetings
Executive Committee: Acts in the name of the full coalition when it is not in session or when dealing with emergencies that require immediate attention
Comprised of four elected members whose terms of service are 1 year each beginning in May of each year. Members may not serve the committee for more than 3 consecutive years.
The committee will be comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and two additional members. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the general membership.
Set the meeting agenda
Appoints task force chairs
Makes recommendations for task force topics and initiatives
Defines  position statements with input and discussion from members
Facilitates meetings
Helps to resolve member conflicts
Project Teams:  
Complete specific tasks, bringing together needed member expertise and interests
Core groups of members and others from agency (employees and/or volunteers)
Fiscal agent: Larimer Humane Society
Administrative Support: Larimer Humane Society