Penis Extenders: The Male edge Review

male edge penis extenderPenis extenders. Every other guy who wants to get his penis bigger nowadays has discovered this little secret. For the sake of clarification, the technology works like a charm and after years of being in production, no one has had something to downgrade the level of effectiveness that penis extenders offer.

A bigger penis goes a long way to massage a man’s ego, at the same time making his partner ever happy. So, if you haven’t given this a go, you are missing out on a lot. There are many brands that bring you various extenders, yes, but for now, one particular type is of interest; the Male Edge penis extender.

This brand has been brought to you by a company, which has already made its mark in history due to its production of the very first and utterly the best extender; the Jes-Extender.

Its popularity and reputation is something of a legend. Now, the same company has made an extra step to bring you an even better penis extender in the Male Edge, and as far as the reviews go, the features in that thing, make it the best. The competing brands don’t stand a chance at all.

How does the Male Edge work?

It’s simple! The same way you can take to the gym and exercise any of your body muscles, the Male Edge is a make-shift gym for your penis, utilizing something called traction. Any other penis enhancement device uses traction. The effects that the Male Edge offers you are comparable to the results in the actual building process.

After one has worn the device, it goes ahead to apply a considerable amount of tension on the cells of the penis, therefore breaking them down gradually. As this happens, those broken down cells start to multiply, eventually making it bigger.

What results do you expect from the Male Edge?

The process takes time, but the end results make the whole experience bearable. Eventually, the results you get are permanent owing to the fact that the penis is not muscular in any way. So, you don’t have to worry about it resizing after you have used the device.

You can find more information on expected results from penis extenders on they have a very good article about it.

I recommend the Male Edge because:

  • It is quite exceptionally convenient what with its ease of use. You only need to put it on and fit the penis in the front part and to the elongation rods. Afterwards, you need only adjust the pressure it exerts according to your goals and wait for it to do its job.
  • It is a high quality device from a reputable manufacturer. Additionally, it comes in three versions of itself; the Male Edge basic, the Male Edge Extra and the Male Edge Pro. The only difference among them is the type of accessories.
  • It fits for any size, i.e. no matter the size of the penis, the Male Edge is made to accommodate all sizes.
  • It extends quite easily. The device’s extension control is simple, even to the novice and only requires you to rotate the rods clockwise, at the same time pulling those rods outwards for the desired length.
  • It has different pressure controls that allow you to choose the amount of pressure you want from 1.200, 2.000 to 2.800 grams. Other penis extenders won’t give you that kind of feature; they only come with one setting.

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